Chania town

The town

Chaniá (greek “Χανιά”, also known as “Haniá” or “Khaniá”) is the second largest town in Crete, with a population of 60.000 inhabitants. It is the administrative, economical, commercial and cultural center of the regional unit. Since the ancient times, the town of Chania has faced many conquerors and the influence of different civilizations is evident in its buildings and monuments. Not far away from excellent sandy beaches and the foothills of the White Mountains, it is a good base for every type of excursion.

Despite the fast-growing tourism industry, the old capital of the island, developed around the Venetian harbor, managed to preserve its original colors and historical character. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Greece and is certainly the most picturesque town in Crete.

The quayside is flooded with taverns and cafeterias, while there is also some interesting night-life in the alleyways behind. In Chania there are several museums and a rich cultural life, with many exhibitions, festivals, theatrical and musical performances taking place every year.