Rental income

Renting out your home to short-term guests is becoming a booming market, especially in popular tourist destinations such as Crete. This makes the purchase of a residence in Crete a perfect investment. Whether you intend to cover the cost of a mortgage, or to supplement your income, with proper management, your new home in Crete can do this for you. MECON Property gives your residence the opportunity to participate in this competitive market, supporting your investment and offering the possibility of a short payback period.

MECON Property has the goal of delivering a return on equity before tax, of at least 15 per cent, for each customer’s property, through an efficient commercial exploitation and the rise of property value. A number of factors will eventually contribute to this result, including trained and motivated employees, effective marketing and operational maintenance, energy-efficient and environment-friendly constructions.


On the other hand, our business model supports the customer’s perspective, aiming always at Customer Value. With this philosophy, MECON Property establishes a commitment of both high quality and profitability guarantee.